Bloody Roar/Beastorizer is a fighting game series developed by Eighting. The game stars 'Zoanthropes', men and women who have the ability to briefly transform into more powerful anthropomorphic beasts. They also keep finding some reason or another to keep punching the crap out of each other.


Alice is a rabbit-type Zoanthrope who's been in the series since the first entry. She's generally kind hearted, and works as a nurse when she doesn't have to save the world. Canonly she hasn't done anything in the series aside from be Hugo's girlfriend.


Jenny is a bat-type Zoanthrope who first appeared in Bloody Roar 2. She is both a top model and a covert super-spy, and has the personality to match. She usually gets wrapped up in the problem of the moment because her job sends her there.


Shina is a leopard-type Zoanthrope who first appeared in Bloody Roar 2. She comes from a military background, and usually ends up in the action because of her work as a gun-for-hire.


Uranus is the ultimate Zoanthrope. She was created as a weapon, and so far that's about the only character trait she has. She can switch at will between human and beast forms.


Uriko is a cat-type Zoanthrope who first appeard as the boss of the first Bloody Roar. In that game her powers allowed her to take the form a massive almost demonic looking cat beast. In later games her power was stripped away almost entirely, leaving her unable to fully shift and thus looking more like a cat-girl in beast form. After getting her freedom back Uriko returns to being a happy-go-lucky girl, and usually gets wrapped up in later fighting events mostly by accident.