CVO Covert Vampiric Operations is a comic book published by IDW. In order to combat especially supernateral threats to the United States, the CVO was founded; its members the best, brightest, and deadest in America. They have stopped dangers up to and including the entire planet being devoured by an extra-dimensional zombie plague.

Agent YumikoEdit

Agent Yumiko was one of the rookie vampires added to the CVO after the conclusion of the Infestation event. As part of her vampiric powers she was able to take a snake-like form, including a naga's lower body. The power had a habit of acting up when she lost her temper. She was a part of the team during their investigation into a new alien threat up until she got stabbed in the back. She showed up again not much later, brushing off the nearly fatal wound, and assisting the team in their fight with too many demons.