Cryptic Writings Of Megadeth 03 - 06

Don't question when a woman tells you to put on a blindfold (Ish#3)

Cryptic Writings of Megadeth is a comic series based on Megadeth songs, for varying definitions of the word "on". One story, Mechanix, centers on a mechanic having trouble with land prospectors looking to buy his garage. His last customer of the day is a leggy woman who opts for the "extended service". The blindfold she ties around the mechanic's eyes keeps him from noticing that she transforms into a werewolf half-way through the sex. Later he wakes up and goes outside to discover his werewolf quickie has taken care of his prospector problem and is stuffing their corpses into her trunk.

Oddly enough the lyrics of the song have nothing to do with werewolves in the slightest.