D2 is a video game created by Kenji Eno's Warp. The player is cast in the role of Laura, a quiet woman trying to survive after her plane crashes in the remote canadian wilderness. As the game progresses, however, they discover that they are actually isolated from an End-Of-The-World style alien invasion, and are attacked by mutant people that roam the snowfields.

The first boss of the game is the stewardess from the plane. When Laura journeys back into the remains of the cabin the Stewardess comes alive, jerking around like a marionette and repeating her pre-flight routine. Tentacles burst from her body and entangle Laura, forcing Laura to shoot her.

Laura starts the second disc tied to a chair next to her naked companion Kimberly by a raving physician. The physician is convinced that Laura and Kimberly are both mutants, and shoots Kimberly to prove it, causing her to bleed green blood. Kimberly then bites off the physician's haed with a mouth that shoots out of her torso. She too grows tentacles from her body, and climbs around the lodge with them. Laura later finds more naked Kimberleys, but they've all been shot to death. Where all the naked clone Kimberleys, and their headbands, came from is never explained.