Dan Vs. is a cartoon comedy show created by Film Roman. The show stars Dan, a generally unlikable character with a short temper and a habit of declaring vendettas. He is voiced by Curtis Armstrong, AKA Booger from Revenge of the Nerds.

In the episode Dan Vs The Boss Dan goes to work as a temp at a call center. He later discovers that his boss from hell is actually a literal boss from hell, and is grooming him for demonic middle-management. He is pretty cool with all of this up untill she tells him to sacrifice his friend. Hoping to destroy her he splashes her with holy water.

All this does is make her bigger and madder. A second dose of holy water is enough to send her back to the pits of hell, however.


As the boss of a magazine subscription call center the Boss has absolute power over her feeble employees, capible of trimming paychecks and firing for the most minor of errors. When she goes full demon she gains the powers of telekinesis and fireball throwing.