Dark Souls is a video game developed by FROM SOFTWARE. A spiritual sequel to the previous Demon's Souls, Dark Souls shares its predecessor's theme of a lone hero against an unforgiving world filled with monsters.


Quelaag is one of the daughters of the Izalith, and she guards the lower belltower in Blighttown. In combat she wields a fire sword as well as vomits up pools of lava from her spider mouth.

Quelaag also has a sister, The Fair Lady, who has a similar spider body as Quelaag, although she is immobile. Both sisters were cursed with their forms by the Bed of Chaos. She and her servant are friendly, and after "talking" with her the player has the option of becoming a servant of chaos.

Crossbreed Priscilla, The LifehunterEdit

Priscilla is a half-human, half-dragon crossbreed found in a painting world. While she implores the player to leave the world without killing her, she will respond if attacked. In combat she wields a massive scythe capible of causing bleeding damage, and can also become completely invisible.