Darkstalkers is a multimedia franchise created by CAPCOM. The games star a number of supernatural characters, dubbed the Darkstalkers, who beat the crap out of each other because it's a fighting game, so of course that's what they're going to do. In the first game the Darkstalkers prevent the alien Pyron from taking over Earth, in the second they find themselves the target of the Vampire Hunter Donovan, and in the final game they prevent the vampire Jedah from giving life to a new god. Most spin off media is based on the game plotline, aside from the US cartoon, which was based on whatever the writers were smoking at the time.


Felicia was one of the two female characters to appear in the original Vampire: Night Warriors, and was eventually intended to be the "cute" character. In the games she is both kind and strong headed, and fights to protect humanity even if they don't appreciate it. Outside of fighting she tries to either brack into to show business (UDON Comics) or runs an orphanage (Vampire Savior).

Beyond the Vampire series she's guest-starred in nearly every CAPCOM crossover game.

Lei Lei/Hsein-koEdit

Lei Lei and her sister, Mei Ling, were users of a special transformative magic from the time they were children. On the night of their 16th birthdays, however, they found themselves transported to the world of Makai and, worse, had become ghosts. The pair combines their spirits when they fight, and they continually search for a way to return to life.

Lei Lei first appeared in Vampire Hunter, appeared again in Vampire Savior, and also showed up in later CAPCOM crossover games, most notibly Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Morrigan AenslandEdit

Morrigan was the other female character to debut in the original Vampire: Night Warriors, her description being the "sexy" one. She is the heir to the Aensland family legacy, and with it domain over the entirety of the Makai World. Dimitri, current ruler of the Makai World, doesn't see things that way, and this leads to the two's eternal feud.

Morrigan has also appeared in every CAPCOM crossover game, making her almost as synonymous with CAPCOM's image as Ryu. She also appeared in many of these with her original Vampire: Night Warriors sprite from 1995, even into the early 2000s.

Soul BeeEdit

The Soul Bee is a species of humanoid man-sized bees common to the Makai Realm. They sweep through regions, either eating everything in their path or bringing it back to their hive to feed to the larvae. The majority of Soul Bees are D-Bees, but one in each hive is designated the Q-Bee. The Q-Bee is stronger and smarter than any other hive-mate, and is also the only Soul Bee in the hive capible of reproducing.