Dragon Age is a videogame franchise created by Bioware. The games take place in a fantasy world, in and around the country of Fereldin. Dark magic and monsters are common in this world, although both are shunned by the common people.

A malevelent force, the Blight, resides in the southern reaches of Fereldin. Whenever a corrputed divine soul appears to lead it, the Blight spreads northward, poisoning the land and springing up monsters wherever it goes.

Desire DemonEdit

The Desire Demon is one of the six orders of malevolent Fade spirits, demons which dwell in the world of dreams and seek hosts with which they can exploit to pass into the physical realm. The Desire Demon promises their host that which they do not have, preying on their lust and greed.

A Desire Demon appears as a beautiful, nude, female humanoid with grey skin, horns, a tail, and a burning purple scalp, though like all spirits they are in truth sexless. When manifested in the physical world they can either transform their host's body into their own, or manifest a physical body by feeding off the life force of their host. Desire Demons are adept magic users, being able to cast several forms of offensive magic as well as creating false clones and summoning undead minions.


Blightspawn are normally infertile, and must create Broodmothers specifically to breed new Blightspawn. The Blightspawn will first kidnap a female of any of Fereldin's humanoid races and then restrain her while force-feeding her Blighted flesh. The Blight slowly mutates the woman, causing her body to grow and become massively bloated as she loses her mind. Her skin turns purple and massive breasts grow down the front of her torso. As a Broodmother she is capable of producing Blightspawn children indefinitely, and can defend herself with her numerous prehensive tentacles.