Duke Nukem, icon and standard bearer for pop culture in the 1990s, was a video game franchise created by Apogee Software. What was at one time a simple Megaman knockoff turned into a symbol for all that was crude in video games when it moved into three dimensions. Today it is best remembered for a single game that was stuck in development for 14 continuous years, and was released in a state that made everyone wonder why they even bothered.

While dozens of women are captured by the alien invasion force, there's only been one female enemy in the games: The Alien Queen. Possibly a mutated human, the queen is a massive grey beast who, in Duke 3D, attacks with swiping claws and by laying eggs. Duke Nukem Forever has a second queen who is so massive that she's become immobile, and attacks with her giant claws and by launching demonic spider onto Duke's platform.