G.I. Joe was a military toy line created by Mattel. The franchise was updated in the 80s to have a story, that of the American Joes fighting against the terrorist organization Cobra, and has more or less kept that storyline since.

Dr. Elizabeth ZychEdit

During the events of the IDW crossover Infestation a bio-mechanical unit infected by the Undermind was sent to the universe of the G.I. Joes, but was at some point almost completely destroyed. The Joes located part of its arm and attempted to study it, only for it to nearly take control of all of their facility's systems. They succeeded in disabling it, but while trying to discard it at sea they were intercepted by Cobra.

Cobra took the arm to an underwater BAT development facility in order to study it. Predictably it took over their system too. Dr. Zych, the lead BAT researcher, was plugged into the system when the arm took it over, and was helpless while it invaded every mechanical component of the base. It was having difficulty bypassing all the security, so the doctor bargained with it: her freedom and the ability to walk in exchange for her help and complacency in the Undermind's goals. The Undermind accepted.

Once in control of the infected BATs Zych rapidly speeds up the infection's timetable, as well as modifying her body to incorporate bio-mechanical parts. The last remaining Joe and another scientist manage to locate her, and they stop the attack by severing the arm and her from the network. In the end the base was flooded and abandoned, the Baroness escaped, and all Joes involved died.