Grimm Fairy Tales is a series of comic books published by Zenescope. Starting out as a series of bloody/sexy retellings of Grimm's Fairy Tales, the comic eventually developed a stable of returning characters and a continuous storyline that involved two sides of an inderdimensional fairy tale war.

Britney WatersEdit

Britney Waters, or Red Riding Hood as she likes to be known professionally, is one of Sela's allies in the ongoing war of good vs evil. Somewhere along the line she ended up contracted lycanthropy, but she can still keep the inner beast under control. Most of the time.

When not saving the universe she and her pet wolf fight crime.


The daughter of Ariel, the original little mermaid, appeared in GFT: Myths & Legends #9. Until the Sea Witch appeared she did not even realise she was a mermaid, believing she was just a normal person. After her adoptive parents, cultists of GFT's version of Satan, reveal their true colors she turns on them, and turns into a monstrous form. Afterwards Erica continues to have trouble keeping her monsterous half in control.

Sea WitchEdit

The Sea Witch of The Little Mermaid is a major villain of the GFT franchise, and plays the same role that she did in the original story. Even after Ariel goes on to live a somewhat normal life the Sea Witch appears again to torment her daughter Erica.