The I-950 is the primary antagonist of the Terminator Infiltrator novels. Made primarily from human DNA, with miscelaneous animal genes and supplimentary electronics, the I-950 was designed by Skynet to be completely indistinguishable from humans in any situation. In the post-judgement day world I-950s have a constant connection to Skynet, and act to undermine the human resistance efforts from within.

One I-950 model, Serena Burns, was sent back in time by Skynet to ensure its own creation. She quickly worked to fabricate an identity an identity for herself and join the recently re-established CyberDyne, secretly handing them data that would make Skynet's Judgement day assault more effective. On her own time she also began building series 101 T-800s using a combination of modern parts and future electronics she smuggled back inside her body. She sent these T-101s on missions to terminate people she deemed dangerous to the future of CyberDyne and Skynet. After her survalence net picked up the location of John Connor she sent a Terminator after him as well, but all it did was attract the attention of John and his mother. During Sarah Connor's attack on Cyberdyne's new location Sarah shoots her in the head, killing her. Serena's cybernetic implants take over the dying body, and she is able to greviously wound Connor before her body is completely destroyed.