Jun Fudou

Jun Fudou is the protagonist of Devilman Lady , and can transform into a Devilman. In the manga this ability was the result of an experiment conducted by her parents. Jun was born with the Devil Gene, and thus had a chance of turning into an uncontrolable monster. Her parents found another gene which would make transformation into a beast certain, but would also let her retain her humanity while transformed. In the anime Jun is just one of the few humans who can retain their soul after transforming.

In both formats Jun is located and forced into service for the Human Alliance by Lan Asuka. She must balance her career (school teacher in the manga, model in the anime) and friends with fighting bloodthirsty Beasts who were once human.


Even while not transformed Jun's awakening gave her the ability to quickly heal from nearly fatal wounds as well as the ability to sense nearby humans with the Beast gene. After transforming into a Devilman Jun gains both height and muscle mass as well as decorative hair wings. She can form functional wings at will, and can create blades on her forearms. Under stressful situations Jun can transform further into a Giga Effect form, where she becomes tens of meters tall as well as taking on a more demonic visage and blue skin. In this form she also has some ability to discharge electricity from her body.