La Mulana is an adventure platformer first released in 2005 by GR3 Project, now known as NIGORO. A remake was released for the Nintendo Wii in 2011 in Japan, with an english release for Microsoft Windows in 2012.

The player takes the role of an archaeology professor named Lemeza Kosugi who explores the ruins of La Mulana in order to discover the ultimate treasure. Along the way he fights a variety of strange mythological creatures.


  • Mulana sirenSiren - A large bird with the upper body of a woman that flies around and sings when perched.
  • Dakini - A female deity in Tibetan Buddhism representing energy and transformation.
  • Rusalki - Female water spirits from Slavic folklore said to lure men to their deaths.
  • Yakshini - A voluptuous female spirit from Hindu and Buddhist mythology that is somewhat fairy-like.
  • Girtabilu - One of Tiatmat's children; a scorpion tailed woman.
  • Creel - A mermaid who fires bolts of water; another of Tiamat's children.


  • BattlefairyBattle Fairy - A warrior fairy who helps Lemeza by firing whichver sub-weapon he has equipped.

  • HealingfairyHealing Fairy - A wand wielding fairy who follows Lemeza around, healing him intermittently.

  • WealthfairyItem Fairy - A fairy holding a magnifying glass that greatly increases the amount of items and gold found.
  • KeyfairyKey Fairy - A fairy who holds a giant key that opens new passages for Lemeza before disappearing.


  • Baphomet - An androgynous goat-headed humanoid guarding the Twin Labyrinths. It must be summoned through a dark ritual.
  • Tiamat - A gigantic snake-like woman with wild hair who guards the Dimensional Corridor and is the mother of eleven children you must fight in order to face her.
  • Mother - The final boss of the game and the embodiment of the ruins themselves who appears in the True Shrine of the Mother.