The Marvel Comics Universe contains dozens of superheroes and supervillians, who are then even further stratified into more seperate universes. Generally Marvel has not rebooted its overall story canon, like DC has, and instead focused on multiple simultaneous universes, like Ultimates and Marvel Zombies.

That said, if there's a Marvel story you remember fondly, it's probably part of the prime 616 world.


Arachne, as in yes that Arachne from your 10th grade ancient mythology class, is a character in the Marvel 616 universe. She has a habit of picking on Herc because she's got nothing better to do.

During the Spider Island event Arachne travels to New York and takes advantage of the general confusion to attack Herc with magical bed bugs. These give Herc increased strength, agility, and, after time, the lower body of a spider, which then comes with increased spider-libido. This results in Herc and Arachne doing the eight-legged dance, while half the X-Men, bound in webs, are forced to watch. Satisfied, Arachne reverses the spell on Herc and returns to Mount Olympus.

The QueenEdit

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