Might and Magic is a video game franchise created by New World Computing. In addition to a prolific turn-based dungeon crawling RPG series, there has also been an SRPG series that remains popular even today, and an action-RPG where you kicked everything. The games have been mostly standard fantasy fair, although the earlier RPGs usually ended with spaceships and robots.

Cobra FiendEdit

Cobra Fiends inhabit the Slithercult Cave in M&M III. They are unremarkable aside from casting Sleep.

Demon QueenEdit

The Demon Queen is the final boss of M&MVI.


Harpies are unremarkable enemies that roam the clouds above the Witches' Tower in Clouds of Xeen.

In Might & Magic Heroes IV Harpies are a core unit of the Stronghold. They were originally created, as all beastmen were, by wizards as servants. The Harpy excells at scouting.


Medusas appear in the Maze from Hell in M&M III. They are physically weak but hit the entire party each turn with a magic attack that can cause Stone.

Medusa SpriteEdit

Medusa Sprites wander around the forest and southern Skyroads in Darkside of Xeen. Unlike the rest of their race the sprite's Princess is non-hostile, and asks the player's party to rescue sprites who have been captured and locked away in the Barkskin Dungeon.

Mother NamtaruEdit

Mother Namtaru is an aspect of the order dragon Asha, created from the nightmares that plagued the god after she defeated chaos. She is the source of all necromatic power, and creates new necromancers with her kiss.


Sprites appear in the B1 world map square of M&M III. Meaner, but otherwise identical, Killer Sprites show up on the world map in Clouds of Xeen. While they have low HP and attack values, they will cause Weakness on hit.