Jacqueline Natla first appears in Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Originally one of the Triumverate rulers of Atlantis, Natla was imprisoned for betraying the other leaders. Freed from her prison by a nuclear weapon test in the 1940s, she went on to found Natla Technologies, and eventually hires Lara Croft to locate the Scion of Atlantis. With the Scion Natla would be able to reactivate ancient Atlantean ruins and create an army of mutant soldiers, such as the Doppelgänger, to take over the world. Lara manages to destroy the Scion, defeat natla, and trap her within the Atlantean ruin as it explodes.

Some years later, in Tomb Raider: Underworld, Natla is shown to have survived the destruction of the Atlantean ruin, although she is now a prisoner of Lara's rival Amanda. Although Lara does not trust Natla, Natla is still able to get Lara to unwillingly aid her in her quest to reach Helheim. Using the machinery inside Helheim Natla intends to erupt hundreds of volcanoes, causing a global calamity and setting the stage for Natla to rebuild her own civilization. Lara succeeds in destroying the machine and sends Natla into a pool of Eitr, presumibly finally killing her. Natla manages to survive the brief dip in Eitr, although it severely weakens her and she must rely on her Doppelgänger clone of Lara to drag her to a restoration chamber where she can heal. The Doppelgänger later returns after gaining her freedom to smash the machine and leave Natla trapped in a pool of rapidly raising Eitr.


Natla can maintain a natural human guise, although when not necessary to disguise herself she does enjoy displaying her large leathery wings. She is immune to aging and invulnerable to almost all forms of damage, having survived a nuclear blast, a dip in a pool of lava, and sustained small weapons fire. The only substance that is shown to do any serious harm to Natla is Eitr, a liquid that can instantly kill most life, and even then she still survives a brief swim in it. In the original Tomb Raider Natla fights lara by grafting a biological gun to her right arm similar to the ones used by her construct minions. In Tomb Raider: Anniversary Natla's lava dip leaves her skin scorched and covered in glowing tattoos, as well as giving her the ability to throw fireballs from her hands. She retains her fireballs in Tomb Raider: Underworld, and also gains about 60 cm of height for unexplained reasons.