Obergeist is a comic published by Top Cow Productions. The series stars a Nazi scientist who suddenly realised how monsterous the human experiments he is conducting are. As reward for his sudden development of a conscience, he is subjected to the same experiemnts he was conducting, and his corpse is tossed into a mass grave, its soul still trapped inside and forced to listen to the wailing of his victims.

After an indeterminate amount of time he discovers his body can move again, only to discover to his horror that he has been revived on Judgement Day, with no way of making ammends for any of his evils. A pair of angels, however, offer him the chance to travel back in time to a point where he could still make a difference. He enthusiastically accepts and is sent back to 2147, far too late to prevent the Nazi war machine (which was defeated anyways), but still in time to fight a new facist government that had taken root in America.

In truth the two angels were two rogue demons with less than altruistic intentions. They knew the score come Judgement Day, and they would much rather delay it as long as possible to prevent their certain defeat. Even after one of the demons reveals this to the Obergeist he still decides that facism must be fought at all costs, and succeeds in crippingling the governments power while destroying himself. The demons are, of course, tickled pink.