Onimuisha is a multimedia franchise created by CAPCOM. The series focuses on a constant war between humanity and demons, and take place in feudal Japan with forays into the world of demons and modern day Paris.


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Jujudorma is a demon stalker of Nobunaga Oda who believes, probably incorrectly, that her affections are returned by the demon lord. While she was quite attractive to both demon and human eyes when she was younger, age has not been kind to her. She can fight by shooting projectiles from her parasol, and by teleporting over short distances. She is cut down by Jubei Yagyu in Onimusha 2.



Takajo is the patron diety of the shrine of Yagyu village, and mother of Jubei Yagyu. She appears as a mature woman with a long blue serpent's tail for a lower body. Despite her status as diety she has no combat abilities and is slain by Jujudorma in Onimusha 2.

Vega DonnaEdit

Vega Donna is the queen of demons and married to Nobunaga Oda. She has talon-like appendages which she used to move around the arena at high speeds. She is killed by Samanosuke Akechi in Onimusha 3.