Red Earth/WarZard is a video game developed by CAPCOM. Set on an alternate, medival inspired Earth, the game stars four heros who must kill monsters across the world before journeying to a floating island to face a newly arrisen threat. The game ends with the floating island sinking into the ocean, if you couldn't guess.

Red Earth remains one of the few CAPCOM arcade games to never recieve a home version, although its characters have guest-starred in other games which have.


Lavia is the boss of Red Earth's version of Russia/Asia. She can attack with her claws, by throwing feathers, and by firing an energy beam from her mouth. She can also push the hero back by flapping her wings, or pick them up and toss them back into the ground. Her most powerful attack is rolling across the screen as a burning ball before transforming into a phoenix.

Her high maneuverability makes her a difficult opponent for slow heros.