Succubus (1)

Succubus concept (SotN)

Perhaps the most common of fantasy femme fatales, the succubus makes numerous apperances in the Castlevania series. She first appears in Symphony of the Night, posing as Alucard's deceased mother in an attempt to make him renounce his morals. Succubi make continued appearances afterwards, often disguising themselves as a woman close to the protagonist.


The bread and butter of a succubus' repetroire is disguise, and impersonating others (women only?) to throw their victim off guard and get in the first strike. In Symphony of the Night the Succubus traps Alucard in a limbo, and fights by shooting bony projectiles, extending the bony spines of her wings, and creating phantom doubles. In Lament of Innocence, the succubus' first chronological appearance, she has the unique ability of summoning a thorny root that rises out of the ground and chases down her target.