The Bard's Tale is a series of fantasy RPGs originally written by Michael Cranford. It was one of the earliest graphical RPGs. In teh 21st century the brand was revived by EA for a satirical action RPG that had no ties to the original games.

The PrincessEdit

The goal of 2004's The Bard's Tale is to rescue a princess held captive in a magic tube. After criss crossing the entire continent through the game the bard eventually returns to her with the method of freeing her, but is given one last chance by the wizard who's been hounding him the entire way to stop. Turns out the "princess" is actually a demon who a group of wizards was able to contain, and once released she will swarm the land of the living with an army of undead. The Bard can choose to defeat her, bugger off, or keep his promise and release her. Once freed she is actually very grateful, and the two apperantly live happily ever after, even if the rest of the world goes to pot.