Key art

The Devil's Rock is a motion picture written, directed, and produced by Paul Champion. Two allied soldiers land on a German occupied island on a mission to destroy their gun emplacement. When they arrive at the bunker they find no sentries and hear screams coming from within it. Captain Grogan decides to go inside the bunker to see if they have any POWs, but instead finds almost the entire staff of the base slaughtered. He is captured by the base commander who claims that the men were killed by the woman screaming for help.

Grogan does not believe him and, after freeing himself and knocking out the officer, he checks on the woman. He is quite surprised to find that she is the exact image of his dead wife, and she even claims that to be her identity. The german officer tells Grogan the truth, that she is a demon, a Femme Varu, that mimmics men's lovers so that she can put them at ease and then eat them.

The two men agree to attempt a spell to return her to hell while she taunts them. Grogan is caught off guard when the german officer attempts to finish the spell, which requires the heart of a living person, but he pushes the man into the arms of the demon after revealing that he removed the officer's spiritual protection. The demon promptly bites off his head. Grogan then rebinds the demon and leaves her there, intending for her to eat any other germans who attempt to retake the island. He reaches the coast and sees the Allied D-Day invasion fleet on the horizon.