The Queen (Amazing Spiderman #669)

Adriana Soria was a US Marine and part of the same Super Soldier program as Captain America. She was the only survivor of her test group, but didn't show any signs of enhanced abilities. Originally contained in an asylum, she escaped and disappeared into the underground. She reappeared 60 years later in New York. Using her telepathic control over humans with latent insect genes, she attempted to turn Spider-Man into a spider-mate. The Spider-Spider-Man died however, and The Queen was thought dead when SHIELD destroyed her underground base.

Seven years later The Queen reappeared as the mastermind behind a pathogen that gave the abilities of Spider-Man to every person in Manhattan. Several days after the initial infection these people would transform, as Spider-Man did, into giant spiders, all under the control of Queen. With the combined efforts of dozens of heroes a vaccine and cure were discovered, and The Queen was seemingly killed in combat by Venom. Because of her ability to draw on the power of the million mutated spiders in Manhattan, however, she revived as a colossal spider monster. Now calling herself the Spider-Queen, she rallied an army of spiders to break through the quarantine and invade the rest of the world. Her plan was cut short when Spider-Man was able to deliver enough of the cure to the mutated residents to weaken her power. Thus weakened, Kaine, along with the rest of the assembled heroes, struck a blow that killed The Spider-Queen.