The Super Infra-Man is movie co-developed by Shaw Brothers and Toei. The movie stars the Infra-Man, a cybernetic man capible of great feats when called upon to save the planet. He is created in a response to the sudden appearance of Princess Elzebub and her army of Ice Age Men who plan to, of course, conquer Earth.

Princess ElzebubEdit

Princess Elzebub is the leader of the Ice Age Men, which she does from her underground base at Devil Mountain. She sends out monsters to generally mess with humanity and also to destroy the elite chinese force that is foiling her attacks. She is eventually killed after Infra-Man fights his way into her base and past all of her minions to destroy her in single combat.

In her monster form the princess is apperantly capible of entering the ground and causing earthquakes and disasters. She can also fly. As Infra-Man learns in their final confrontation she is also totally impervious to almost any harm, as after he cuts her head off several times it simply regrows. She is not immune to the complete atomization of his shock gauntlets, however.

Witch EyeEdit

Witch Eye is one of the princess' minions, and is in charge of running all of the base's machinery. When Infra-Man invades she fights him off by using the base's various machinery against him. She also fires energy blasts from her hands. She is killed after Infra-Man cuts off her hands and then kicks her into a lava-filled pit.