Tomb Raider is a multimedia franchise created by Toby Gard and CORE Design. The series focuses on recurring protagonist Lara Croft's explorations of ancient ruins and other locations in her quest to find relics of supernatural power.


In addition to the more monsterous beings that can be created with Atlantean technology, skinless facimilies of people can be created as well. Lara came face to face with a clone of herself inside the Atlantean temple in Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider: Anniversary, but due to its mindless copying of her actions she was able to trick it into destroying itself. Another Doppelgänger, this one with skin and super-strength, appeared in Tomb Raider: Underworld as a servant of Natla. It eventually gained free will and followed its own path.

Jacqueline NatlaEdit

See article: Natla

Kristina BoazEdit

Kristina Boaz was surgeon, gene scientist, and member of The Cabal in Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. She was responsible for several nephilim-hybrid creaures, but due to her failures she was fed to one of her own creations by Cabal leader Eckhardt. After a brief gestation period she was reborn as a mixture of human, nephilim, and insect genes. She was shortly thereafter killed by Lara's sidekick Kurtis.

Lara CroftEdit

While Lara has quested after dozens of dangerous artifacts in her long career, she has mostly been careful not to abuse their powers. Unfortunatly for her, her prudence did not prevent her from being infected by the nanomachines of Vox during the Top Cow crossover event End Game. She became his servant for a time, and only regained her sense after Vox put into his plan to cover the world in living nanomachines and link the current and future in time compression. Making use of her nanomachine's powers she was able to claim Sara Pezzini's Witchblade and destroy Vox and his nanomachines along with herself. She was later able to claw her way back out of the afterlife, sans nanomachines.