Tomie is a multimedia franchise created by Junji Ito. Tomie Kawakami was a normal, attractive teenager right up to the point when she was brutally murdered and dismembered on campus. She became significantly less normal after she showed up for class again a week later, looking none the worse for wear. Her crass attitude and coniving methods to steal boys away from their girlfriends won her no friends, and after she was accidentally killed by two men fighting over her the entire class agreed to cut up her body and hide the evidence that she had ever come back.

Yet time and again Tomie would return, and more and more copies of Tomie would return as well. If Tomie wasn't convincing a man to hunt down and kill one of her doubles, then her attraction was so intoxicating to the man that he would try himself to murder Tomie to keep anyone else from having her beauty. Despite their devotions Tomie has no feelings for any of them; she cares only for herself.


From the smallest bit of herself Tomie can regrow fully, from a chopped off limb to her hair and blood. Tomie can even assimilate a person who has had a part of her attached to them, gradually taking them over until they become Tomie as well. Radiation speeds the process, and fire might be the only thing that can totally destroy a Tomie, although it is never conclusively proven. Even when not injured a cancerous Tomie will occasionally grow out of another, leading both Tomies to convince bystanders to kill the other. In addition to her healing ability Tomie can compel people to obsess over her and follow her any command, from gift giving to murder.