Valkyrie Profile is a video game series created by tri-Ace. Set in a world vaguely inspired by Norse mythology, the games center on the actions of the Valkyries. These battle maidens choose the souls of noble warriors to fight for them as Einherjar. They typically stay out of the affairs of humans, except to destroy demons and the undead.


Aelia is a dragonborne Einherjar in Valkyrie Profile. She was a member of a group of adventurers, but was capured in a foreign land. After being tortured to death she was chosen by the Valkyrie Lenneth. Because of her heritage, and because she posseses the Dragon Stone, Aelia can transform into a dragon for her purify move, shooting a beam of fire at her enemy that deals a single, powerful, hit.


The Harpy is the boss of Salerno Academy in Valkyrie Profile. She also appears as a normal enemy in later levels. Alone she can cast Reflect Sorcery on herself, and in groups she will heal injured allies.


Mandragoras are common enemies in the Forest of Spirirts and later levels in Valkyrie Profile. They are weak to fire and attack by blowing spores at a single or multiple targets.


The succubus is an uncommon enemy which only appears in Brahms Castle in Valkyrie Profile. They cast magic.


Yumei is a half-human half-merfolk Einherjar in Valkyrie Profile. Her father was a human Shogun who started a war with the merfolk, although after meeting Yumei's mother he worked to create a peace between humans and merfolk. After Yumei's mother died she was ostracized by merfolk society because of her mixed heritage, so she took the form of a human to find her father. He, too, had died, however, so she cast herself into the sea where her spirit was taken by the Valkyrie Lenneth. Yumei is a magic user, and transforms back into a merfolk when casting spells.