Vampirella is a comic series created by Forest J Ackerman. Originally created in the late 60s, Vampirella has been published by numerous publishers, and has had nearly as many different backstories. The most well known of the backstories was the one where she is an alien from the planet of vampires.

Regardless of her backstory Vampirella is usually a moral vampire who seeks out and punishes evil. She also usually has a long standing rivalry with Dracula.


As a young girl Ophidia was kidnapped by cultists attempting to bring their snake god into the world.It was less than successful, however, as the ceremony gave Ophidia super strength and snake powers which she used to free herself and kill the cultists. She would later go to work for the World's End Circus, a group of paranormal individuals investigating other paranormal activity. There she would work under the guise of a simple snake charmer.

In Vampirella: Halloween Trick & Treat the descendents of the original cultists come for Ophidia, looking to finish what their parents had started. They successfully summon their god Sargoth, but are all quite surprised when Ophidia's snake chaming abilities also apply to snake gods. After the cultists are rent limb from limb by their god, and their sacrifices freed, Ophidia returns to the circus.