Voodoo(Voodoo #1)

Voodoo is the title of a DC comic staring the same-named psychic alien-human hybrid.

Voodoo (clone)Edit

In the New 52 a clone of Priscilla (who believed herself the actual Priscilla) is on an espionage mission from an alien race to investigate humanity in order to prepare for an eventual invasion. She was working at a strip club (conveniently also named Voodoo) until the two federal agents tracking her tipped their hand. She murdered one and fled the other.

Before completing her mission of reconning Earth's super heroes she stumbled upon the fact that she was a clone and that the actual Priscilla was trapped in a government lab. She then opted to suspend her mission while she got answers from the alien high command, violently. At the same time the agent who had been tracking Voodoo was breaking out Priscilla from her prison.

Voodoo opted to side with her alien half and fulfill the prophecy which involved Earth's invasion. Priscilla, then free, choose to join the Blackhawks group in order to track down and stop her clone.

Priscilla eventually manages to put a stop to Voodoo and the alien's plans, although both of them survive the confrontation. Priscilla joins the Blackhawks and Voodoo leaves to lick her wounds.


Voodoo can shapeshift into any living form and take the appearance of specific people as well. This causes great pain, however, so she only does so when necessary. She is also telepathic, and can both read minds as well as project visions.


Additional CharactersEdit

In Voodoo #2 Voodoo meets up with her contact, an obese trucker accompanied by two redneck girls. All three of them are half-alien as well, and they transform when the Green Lantern appears to shut down their communications setup. Lantern chooses to chase after the trio, who escape in a space ship, but loses them after they enter a wormhole.