Zatanna is a character created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson who exists in the DC Universe. She is a powerful sorcerer, but despite helping out the Justice League from time to time she mostly works as a stage magician.

Prior to the New 52 Zatanna had a short-lived solo comic. After the New 52 she joined Justice League Dark.


In issue #4 of Zatanna, while Zatanna is performing in Las Vegas, she is attacked by three hellish fire elementals under command from Mammon. While they initially appear invulnerable, and nearly kill Zatanna by filling her mouth with hellfire, Zatanna is able to escape and best them by hitting them with a torrent of blessed pool water. For their failure Mammon drops the elementals into eternal fire.


Ember is one of Brother Night's band of cronies who appear in the first issue of Zatanna. She is described as an unborn dragon in the body of a human. While human, she does have visible horns coming out of her head and the ability to breathe fire. This doesn't prove to be too effective against Zatanna, who just turns her breath into water. This also somehow causes her to explode.

She seems to prefer killing her prey by kissing them.


Hannah is an english fairy who has been cruely forced into servitude by the street punk Backlash. With Hannah teathered to his sword Backlash can rewind time every time he swings the sword, making him functionally invulnerable. With this power Backlash decides to start hunting down supernatural being as trophies, leaving a trail of corpses for Zatanna to follow.

At first Zatanna finds herself unable to attack Backlash as his ability makes all her magical incantations reverse themselves. However, after being clued in by Hannah, Zatanna realises that she can still cast spells if they are palindromes. After defeating and handing Backlash over to the authorities Zatanna heals Hannah's Wings and wishes her well on her trip back to England.


In issue #14 of Zatanna, after performing a show together, Zatanna and her half-brother Zachary stop by a club. Zachary is seduced by a succubus who wastes no time sucking out his powers on the dance floor. Zatanna attempts to defeat the succubus, but bolstered by Zachary's strength she is too strong. As a last request Zatanna asks the demon to destroy her with a spell rather than eat her. Yuki-Onna agrees, not knowing that Zachary's magic can not be used against living flesh. The backfire of the spell frees Zachary and leaves the succubus helpless.